Kona Pride Irrigation is a family owned and operated landscape business, specializing in the installation, repair, and service of residential and commercial irrigation systems.  We have developed a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and top quality irrigation installations.

We are confident that you will be beyond satisfied with our quality work.  We are repeatedly told by our clients that we are the hardest-working people they have ever had work for them. 



Owner Jeremy Bracken has worked in landscaping and irrigation since 1988.  His focus is on sustainable landscapes, with a passion for edible landscapes and garden installation.  Jeremy has a college background in Civil Engineering and Environmental Science from Oregon State University.  He holds several trade licenses for landscape and irrigation, including landscape construction professional and back-flow prevention device installation.  Jeremy has worked on Big Island landscapes since 2008, providing landscaping, irrigation service and repair, property management, and agricultural development. Jeremy is the owner of 1 Hawaii Landscapes and HI Seed & Nursery.  Jeremy is a member of Big Island Association of Nurserymen.  Jeremy is a specialist in plant procurement, and he can usually find any Hawaiian tropical and edible landscaping plants that you desire.

Prior to working on Big Island Hawaii landscapes and irrigation, Jeremy worked in Portland and Bend, Oregon, as well as Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco in California, where he focused on landscape and irrigation installation for estates, vineyards, and celebrity clientele.

Jeremy is the father of a beautiful daughter who shares his passion for gardening and animals.  He spends his free time hiking, cooking, fishing, gardening and working on his farms in Naalehu Ka'u and Mountain View Puna.  Jeremy is a supporter of local food charities and local farm to table sustainability, donating hundreds of pounds of local produce to the Food Basket Hilo Hawaii, Churches and other non-profits each year.